Doctor Testimonials

“Right out of Dental School, I worked for Heartland Dental and quickly hit a brick wall. My production, while around $70k per month seemed pretty good, but I sat around half the day, not busy and with no upward mobility, no chance of owning anything. Promises of bonus never materialized, and there was always pressure from management to produce what THEY thought the patients needed. Not a good model for me.

In 2017, I started working for Greenberg Dental and immediately knew there was a pathway to ownership. After a short time, I was producing well over $100k per month and became a true Equity Partner in my South Orlando office. If you feel stuck, give me a call on my cell at 407-497-4539.”

Dr. Ryan Priemer
Partner, Nova Dental School, Class of 2016
South Orlando Office

“The Greenberg Dental multidisciplinary structure provides daily access to specialists in addition to Dr. Barrett’s coaching. This has helped me build my own successful practice and in turn inspired me to actively mentor others. I did not find the need to take too much CE outside the group because it is available here. I am doing the type of dentistry I want without the extra administration burden. This leaves valuable time for me and my family.”

Dr. Kathryn Antony
UFCD, Class of 2010
Atlantic Beach Office

“These past seven years have been better than expected with Greenberg Dental, and with the doctors up here in Jacksonville. Although the stigmata of “corporate dentistry” existed in my mind before I came here, overall it has been a positive experience at Greenberg Dental.

Although, not perfect… nothing is and certainly not me, I treat this practice as I would my own, and we’ve been doing some good dentistry here in Jacksonville, offering more advanced and practical treatments than a lot of traditional practices, IMHO.”

Dr. Jason Lee
Oral Surgeon
University of Buffalo, Class of 2003
Jacksonville Area Offices

“While still in dental school, we had a lecturer speak to us who said it was not possible to balance being a clinician, a wife and a mother. For me at Greenberg Dental, I have found nothing to be further from the truth. The flexibility the partners provide enabled me to build my family. This latitude has done more to fuel my passion to flourish as a dentist and reach my professional goals.”

Dr. Juliana Correal
UFCD, Class of 2011
Kissimmee South Office

“At Greenberg Dental I am a full-time dentist and a full-time mom. The partners give me the autonomy to treatment plan and run my staff the way I believe is best for my patients, yet I have the support on the organizational side so I can still be a fully committed mother. I don’t have to give up one for the other.”

Dr. Quyen Pham
UFCD, Class of 2017
Altamonte Springs Office

“Greenberg Dental offered me a clear pathway to develop my skills. The organizational support and in-house specialists are incredible. Interestingly, the autonomy the group afforded me, helped foster my personal leadership skills and style. Even with a successful practice, I am able to make time to give back to my community by being active in the Junior League of Tampa and spending quality time with family.”

Dr. Christine Phan
UFCD, Class of 2013
Tampa South Office

“Greenberg Dental helped me develop the clinical confidence to treat my patient’s cosmetic and restorative problems at a very high level. With the skills I developed and the group’s commitment to affordable fees, I have built a highly committed patient following. With all this said, I still have a lifestyle that is appropriately balanced between my personal life and career. The balance is there. This is what I wished for when I was in dental school, and I am so happy I found it here.”

Dr. Faye Tran
Partner, UFCD, Class of 2011
Oviedo Office