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“Since coming out of the Navy and joining Greenberg Dental in 1991, I’ve enjoyed the growth in my professional career through extensive continuing education and an abundance of patients. I’ve been able to consult with Senior Doctors and in-house specialists whenever I had questions or needed a second professional opinion with any cases. I really enjoy helping new doctors learn how to practice efficiently and gain mastery in Crown and Bridge.”

Dr. Steven Barrett - General Dentist

“I joined Greenberg Dental & Orthodontics in 2006 and have not looked back since. My time at Greenberg Dental has allowed me to grow faster in all professional facets while in an environment that isn’t like typical groups. The practice autonomy provided by Greenberg Dental’s unique doctor centric model has enabled me to obtain invaluable experience in growing offices without the headaches and distractions of private practice. The compensation model ensures that hard work pays off and I am grateful for the lifestyle I have been able to provide for my family. I encourage anyone to spend time with me at our offices to learn more about Greenberg Dental and to meet all of the great doctors and staff with our group.”

Dr. Ryan Long - Orthodontist


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